Weekend Update - 11/19/2021

Posted on November 22, 2021

Dear Friends,

Our liturgical or Church year draws to a close this weekend when we celebrate the Kingship of Jesus. The official title of Sunday's feast, “The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe,” sounds ominous, colossal and almost like something out of a Marvel movie! In reality, we celebrate that Jesus is Lord: he has power over us. We make ourselves subject to him…we listen to his words, we follow his example, and we accept what he offers us. His power is exercised in mercy and tenderness. That is the beauty of the mystery of our God, who can be both powerful and merciful at the same time!

This weekend’s scripture readings point to that dichotomy: the power of Jesus is exercised in his Passion (as we hear St. John’s account of Pontius Pilate’s questioning of him) and in his heavenly reign where he is the “Alpha and the Omega” (the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet), the beginning and the end. It is in this that we find reason to place our trust in him: his sacrificial love and his power to do all things.

I am happy to announce that we have gone over our goal of 556 Thanksgiving Dinners! Thank you for your generosity and for our parishioners who will deliver them tomorrow morning! We will have more detailed numbers in a future Flocknote.

The Christmas Outreach programs continue! Please pay close attention to when all gifts and dinners for each of the beneficiaries are due.   Information about all of them is on the parish website.

Celebrating Thanksgiving next Thursday, we will gather with family and friends and as a nation, we will pause to be mindful of the blessings we have received. Each year on this feast we are called to remember and to be attentive to what we have been given, both merited and as a gift. Whether you are traveling this holiday weekend or remaining close by, I encourage you to pause in a spirit of prayer, not just to “count your blessings,” but to recognize where God is in your life: as the author and giver of life itself, and as the ultimate source of every blessing. We will gather as a parish community on Thanksgiving morning at 10 am for a special Thanksgiving Day Mass. Our best expression of thanksgiving is the Mass (remember that the word Eucharist literally means “to give thanks”) as we lift our hearts to God to give him thanks and praise. Don’t forget to bring your food and drink items for a special blessing! As a reminder, the Parish Offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday of next week.

Please keep an eye on your health! If you are not feeling well, have a temperature over 100 degrees, sore throat, have a persistent cough or generally not feeling well, please stay home. Please utilize the hand sanitizers when you enter the Church and the Parish Center. Masks are always available in the Narthex. Daily Mass and the 9:30am Sunday Mass are live-streamed and then archived here on the Parish Website.

Below is the Mass schedule for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the Sunday after Christmas. You will receive a mailing from me soon, so please be on the lookout. 

Friday, December 24 (Christmas Eve): 
4:00pm in the Church—live-streamed, with overflow seating in the Parish Center, 


Saturday, December 25 (Christmas Day): 11:00am 
(No Confessions and 4:30pm Mass) 


Sunday, December 26 (Feast of the Holy Family): 
8am, 9:30am, 11:00am, 5:30pm


Let us pray for one another this weekend, for the safety of those traveling, and for those who do not know the blessings we share.

Fr. Paul


Here is this Sunday’s Worship Aid


5:30 Mass Worship Aid