Weekly Flocknote - 7/29/2021

Posted on July 29, 2021

Dear Seton Family,

Pursuing a life of faith takes more than a little bit of openness to mystery and to "possibility." There is certainly room for doubts and questions (the apostles Thomas teaches us that), but we cannot approach Jesus if we think we already have all the answers. If we think we have it all figured out, then there is no room for an alternative answer, so skepticism (which is not the same as doubt) leaves us more or less closed off to the Word of God. The crowd whom Jesus fed with the loaves and fishes followed Jesus. They had questions for him, but they were not really open to his answers. They had already experienced firsthand his mighty deeds, but that was not sufficient for them so they asked for more signs. They said they wanted what he offered, and yet their skepticism prevented them from understanding.

Theology, the academic discipline of, literally, "the study of God," has been defined as "faith seeking understanding." In many ways, our daily life in Christ is about just that- our striving and taking steps to understand what we profess to believe. Believing doesn't mean we have all the answers, but believing does mean that we have a desire to understand as well as an openness to what is possible even when it is beyond understanding. This is not an easy thing, but I think it has to begin with somehow giving God the benefit of the doubbt, to trust that God has something to offer us that we don't already possess and that we cannot find elsewhere. During these weeks that we listen to these challenging words of Jesus from the 6th chapter of the Gospel of John, I encourage you to discover anew that place in your heart where you know deeply how good God is because he is the source of your very being. That is where this level of trust begins.


Speaking of the 6th chapter of John's Gospel, join Deacon Fred for The Eucharist in Scripture, a five-part bible study that esplores the biblical theme of meals shared in faithful fellowship and in covenant relationship with God. Everyone is welcome - especially our non-Catholic friends and anyone who struggles with Catholic belief in the Eucharist. And to make the experience welcoming and inclusive for everyone: believers, seekers, doubters, and non-believers alike, we're offering the study via Zoom with both morning and evening sessions.
Dates: August 4, 11, 18 and September 1, & 8.
Time: 10:00am or 7:00pm. 
Cost: $20, which covers the cost of your personal study materials. You can choose bbetween a physical book or an e-book.
To register go click here or to register in-person, please drop by the parish office or call Michelle at 410-721-5770 (Monday - Thursday, 9:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.). 
Payment can be done electronically with a credit card via our secure payment platform, GiveCentral. Click here for payment.


I would like to thank Deacon Kenneth Lukong for his learning during his summer internship that ended this week. He will be returning to Seton in September, along with two other seminarians from St. Mary's Seminary, forming a Learning Team for the academic year. Kenneth goes back to St. Philip Neri, his "home parish" while Clinton Fanka, our sponsored seminarian, will come home to Seton next week!


We have seen an increase in families coming to the Food Pantry the last few weeks and thank you for your donations. Please remember to check expiration dates if you are bringing something you have in your own pantry. They do not give out opened packages or food past its "Best By" date. The Pantry's current needs are hearty soup (con condensed) or canned fruit.


Elements of the Catholic Mass Video Series:

We are beginning week 28 of our video series, Elements of the Catholic Mass. I would invite you to watch Episode 28 this week titled, The Mystery of Faith and reflect on how this might help you in your faith. Here is the link to the episodes page.


St Gregory's School Supply Drive is back! Donations are accepted after every weekend mass in the narthex bins, and down at the Parish Hall doors weekdays, Monday-Thursdays from 9:00a.m. - 4:00p.m. We also ask that labels be cut and used for all donations. To download and print the list, please click here.


The Parish Picnic is returning!

We need volunteers! 
Our Parish Picnic returns on Sunday, September 19th from 12:30p.m. - 4:00p.m.
Please email the Picnic Team at setonparishpicnic@gmail.com if you can help or have questions.
Also, each volunteer gets a free ticket to the picnic!


Here is this Sunday's Worship Aid

A reminder....

Don't forget to use hand sanitizers in the Narthex and now, when you enter the church at the Food Pantry entrance.


As usual, we will continue to live-stream Mass (Mon-Thurs at 9:00a.m. and Sundays at 9:30a.m.) on the parish Facebook (link)  and uploaded on YouTube (link), and our parish website. If you do not have Facebook but wish to watch our livestream, click here for instructions.

Happy August!
Fr. Paul