Covid Update - 5/21/2021

Posted on May 24, 2021

It has been hectic week since Governor Hogan announced lessening social distancing from 6 feet to 3 feet (last Wednesday) and then, lifting the indoor mask mandate (Friday). On Saturday, the Archdiocese of Baltimore went along with the lifting of the mask mandate on parish campuses in the Archdiocese. Because our county executive supports Governor Hogan’s decision, the directives above apply to our parish. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask for the time being, we welcome you to continue to do so. In particular, those who have specific health concerns and those who are not vaccinated are still strongly encouraged to wear a mask, but wearing masks is no longer mandated at Seton Parish. 

Now that we have all the chairs back in the church, there are a number of items we are asking for your cooperation as you consider attending in-person Masses. 

1. Registration for Mass is no longer required.   The Ushers will greet you at the door and ask that you continue to please sanitize your hands. They will not be assigning seats HOWEVER, they will inform you to leave a 2 CHAIR separation (3 feet) in between households sitting in the same row of chairs. 

2. We are bringing back the Communion Procession. At the direction of the Ushers and due to social distancing, everyone will leave their row and approach the altar by the center aisle.  If you are not receiving Holy Communion, simply cross your arms to receive a blessing from either the priest or the deacon. Please note: out of an abundance of caution and love of neighbor, please continue to receive the host on the palm of your hand and not on the tongue. Until further notice, the Precious Blood will not be offered until it is safe to do so. 

3. We continue to utilize the Worship Aids by accessing them on our website or you may print a copy and bring with you. The link for the worship aid is always included in Flocknotes. We are not ready for congregational singing yet so the hymnals remain in storage. 

4. We are now allowed to offer the Sign of Peace. When the deacon makes the invitation, households can exchange the sign of peace however they like. Outside of households, please exchange the sign of peace in a safe way.

5. Please continue to drop off your Offertory in the large basket as soon as you enter the Narthex.

6. At the conclusion of Mass, you will be instructed to be seated. The Ushers will continue to dismiss you from the back to the front of the church after the Clergy has processed out into the Narthex to greet you. You may exit the church through the Main Entrance and now, through the Food Pantry, Exit through the door at the St. Joseph statue.

7. We will continue to livestream Mass for those who are not ready or unable to return to Mass in person.

Let us continue to pray for one another as we emerge from this time of pandemic.