Parish Update - 7/10/2020

Posted on July 10, 2020

Dear Seton Family, 


Revised Procedure for the Distribution of Holy Communion

We made it through our first weekend of re-opening for public Mass rather smoothly! I received feedback from parishioners who expressed that the procession of Holy Communion and exiting the church immediately was jarring. So for the next couple weeks I want restore receiving the Eucharist at the normal time in order to provide a sense of normalcy during this very stressful time and allow time for reflection and prayer before dismissal. I’ll bring the feedback received to the Task Force the next time we meet. I want to thank you for your patience during these early weeks of re-opening. It’s a learning experience for all of us, including me. The area parishes have gone through similar revisions in order to provide the safety of all who feel comfortable to worship with us. 

Here’s the revised procedure....

Distribution of Holy Communion will take place at the usual time during the Mass.

The Priest and Deacon/or Eucharistic Minister will both distribute communion by passing through the rows. When the minister approaches your row, please stand. Bow when the minister comes before you and says "the Body of Christ." Extend your hands, one under the other with the palm flat, respond "Amen" and receive the host. When the minister passes on to the next household group in the row, lower your mask, consume the host, replace your mask and be seated.

We think this will allow a more dignified distribution of Holy Communion and allow time for individual reflection and prayer after receiving the Eucharist.  When the priest returns to the altar, there will be the usual Announcements, Prayer After Communion, Final Blessing and Dismissal

Due to social distancing, parishioners will depart from the church, row by row starting from the back at the direction of the ushers.  As we all know, the coronavirus is spreading rapidly in other states. While Maryland has done relatively well, it is vital that we continue to be disciplined in wearing masks and practicing social distancing. 

Some great news to share....

Congratulations to Alex Cragg for his hard work over the years in obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout! Those who have earned the Eagle Scout rank count it among their most treasured achievements. His accomplishments will be formally recognized during his Court of Honor next Thursday, July 16. We rejoice with you, your family and Troop 758!

At long last, we will begin celebrating the Sacraments of Initiation for Young People and Adults since they were not celebrated at the Easter Vigil this year. Steve Lakin and Gerry Turnbow will be Baptized, Confirmed and join us at the table of the Lord this Tuesday and Wednesday. Russ Miller will be Confirmed next Saturday at 4:30pm Mass. Denise Harbaugh will receive the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist next Sunday at 9:30am Mass. Finally,  Jack and Cole Kucinski will receive all three Sacraments on Friday, July 24th.    

Don’t forget the Crofton Farmers Market will be on our campus Wednesdays, 3:00pm-7pm until the end of October!

Here is this Sunday’s Worship Aid 

A reminder....

As usual, we will continue to live-stream Mass on the parish Facebook (link) and uploaded on YouTube (link), and our parish website, If you do not have Facebook but wish to watch our livestream, click here for instructions. 

I hope you are enjoying these summer weeks!
Fr. Paul