Parish Update - 6/12/2020

Posted on June 12, 2020

Dear Sisters and Brothers, 

This weekend we celebrate the Solemnity of The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ also known as Corpus Christi. This Feast proclaims and celebrates a foundational belief of our Church: the Real Presence of the Risen Jesus Christ, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, under the form of bread and wine in the Holy Eucharist. How this is possible— we do not know. It is a work of God. Our faith allows us to believe that it is true. It is in the reception of the Eucharist and our entrance into the mystery of Christ’s presence that we discover through experience the meaning of Christ’s presence with us.

The Eucharist is the Bread of Life. If we wish to develop our understanding and appreciation of Christ’s Eucharistic Presence we must live the life Christ brought us through the strength of the Holy Eucharist. By living a Eucharistic life of Charity, Mercy, Truth, Justice and Love we experience the power, depth, and richness of Christ’s Eucharistic Presence.

In a homily, Pope Francis observed that anyone who comes to the Altar to receive the Eucharist and leaves the Church unwilling to help the poor, feed the hungry, or show Christ’s compassion to those in need, receives the Eucharist unworthily.

Think about this when we recite the “Spiritual Communion” prayer at Mass as we’ve done for over three months. Even though we haven't been able to receive the Eucharistic Body and Blood of Jesus, we ask that He comes spiritually into our hearts and transform them! When we gather for public Mass starting on July 4/5 and physically receive the Eucharist, will we be ready to become what we have eaten: the Body of Christ sent to bring abundant eternal life to the world, a life that brings the joy of God’s love and the promise of God’s mercy and compassion to all? This is the promise and the challenge of the Eucharist we receive.

Some good news... 

I’m happy to report that we have gone over our goal for the Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries. You have pledged and contributed almost $133,000 to the Appeal, which is over our goal of $107,304. That’s just terrific! Thank you for your generosity! As in years past, we will receive a rebate of 25% up to the parish goal and 50% for every dollar over our goal.  You may recall that when I presented the Appeal in February, I had earmarked our rebate for Tuition Assistance and our continuing effort to receive more funds to replace the Front Doors of the Main Entrance, which are almost 40 years old. So I ask you, if you are able, to prayerfully consider a gift to the Appeal this year. Here is the link.

Here is this Sunday’s Worship Aid 

A reminder....

As usual, we will continue to live-stream Mass on the parish Facebook (link) and uploaded on YouTube (link), and our parish website, If you do not have Facebook but wish to watch our livestream, click here for instructions. 


Have a good week!
Fr. Paul