Seton Weekly Update 11/23/22

Posted on November 23, 2022 in: General News

Dear Friends,

On this First Sunday of Advent, I offer a warm welcome to our visitors as we begin a new church year.  We often times think of Advent solely as the preparation for the celebration of Christmas.  Actually, the first part of Advent (through December 16th) reminds us and prepares us for the Second Coming when Christ will return to bring human history to a conclusion.  On Advent Wednesdays there is a wonderful opportunity for quiet meditative prayer during this very hectic season.  Taize prayer (30 minutes) will be offered in the church on Wednesday at 6PM.   The evening will consist of prayerful silence, short readings and music in a peaceful, candlelit environment.  

My heartfelt THANKS to the parish’s Outreach Ministry and to all who provided 450 Thanksgiving meals to those served by our sister parish of St. Gregory the Great and the needy of Annapolis.  

If you have ever wanted to visit the HOLY LAND the opportunity awaits you. Fr. Paul is sponsoring a trip through the Franciscan Monastery in Washington.  I sponsored the very same trip when I was rector of the Cathedral.  It’s a wonderful experience of faith!  The scriptures are never the same again.  One of the great opportunities of the trip is the tour guide Fr. David Wathen, OFM.  A Franciscan of the Holy Land, Fr. David was assigned to the Holy Land for a number of years before overseeing pilgrimages from the Monastery.  My trip in 2019, (my third) was by far my best visit.  I remember telling the people at the Cathedral, this experience is a “pilgrimage” and not a vacation.  Parts of the trip are rather strenuous with early morning departures.   If I recall correctly, our Mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was at 5:45AM.  I also remember thinking that Jerusalem is “God’s Stairmaster.”  Fr. Paul will hold an information meeting on Monday (28) at 7pm.  
By now you are aware of the Attorney General’s report on the Archdiocese’s handling of abuse cases.  Please refer to the AOB webpage ( for the most up-to-date info as well as information on how the Archdiocese has handled cases over the past two decades.  Most importantly, pray for the victim-survivors and for the healing of our church.  

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Patrick O’Malley, brother of Jack O’Malley, our parish’s former youth minister and Pastoral Associate.

If you have a chance this week, say a prayer for me.  Wednesday (30) is the 43rd anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood.

Have a good week!
Msgr. Woy

P.S.:  Don’t forget to remove pictures of your beloved deceased from in front of the altar.  


Weekly Updates:  

  •  Parishioners donated 389 Thanksgiving meals and with extra money received  we were able to make up additional meals so that 400 were delivered to St. Gregory’s, 56 to Bloomsbury Square in Annapolis, and 220 were given to local families through our Food pantry.  A total of 676 meals were distributed!
  • The Seton Children's Choir will be singing at the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting at the Crofton Country Club this Sunday, November 27th at 6:30. Come hear our young children sing! 
  • For information on the Christmas Outreach programs, click here.  Representatives of each program will again be in the Narthex after all Masses this weekend to answer questions.
  • MEND: Parents are reminded to sign up for Reconciliation Service for their child participating in the MEND Reconciliation formation this year. December 10 @10 am and December 14th at 5:00 pm, please choose one. Click on this link to register.
  • Seton will again host Winter Relief from February 6-11.  See this handout for more information.
  • Father Paul Sparklin will be leading a pilgrimage to the Holy Land on March 1-11, 2023.  There will be an informational session at Seton Parish on Monday, November 28th for those interested in learning more.