Root is a foundational catechetical experience focusing on the Creed for children, teens, and parents, with age appropriate content for each. Over the course of 6 self-led mini-series and/0r 6 Family Meetings, families will grow into a deeper understanding of our faith as they are led through the contents of the first part of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Root for children is an at-home experience designed for children in their first year of sacramental preparation in grades 1-5. Through 6 Family Meetings led by their parents, children will get to know the Trinity and the essential teachings of our faith contained in the Creed. This experience is designed to be accompanied by Root for parents. 

Root for parents is an at-home experience designed to meld into the fast paced lives of modern parents. Through 6 self-led mini-series of 5 (15 minute) modules parents will get to know the Trinity and the essential teachings of our faith contained in the Creed. They will be given a vocabulary of faith and empowered with the knowledge to share the faith with their families. The print edition is available as a spiral bound book, while the digital version is available in written and audio formats.

Why the Apostles Creed? Because it’s the oldest and most concise statement of our faith.  In the early Church, this was the profession of faith one made when converting to Christianity and seeking baptism.  ROOT is a hybrid experience of self-paced sessions at home with gathered sessions at church.  The calendar for ROOT is available in the link below. During the first week of each series, parents invest in themselves with the self- paced parent component.  During the second week, parents invest in their children by leading the self-paced family meeting.

The 2022-23 Calendar for Root can be found here.

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Registration Fees

2023-2024 Registration Fees are as follows:

  • MEND and NOURISH- $80 per family for both Mend and Nourish, $10 each additional child total for both.
  • WONDER - $60 per family, $20 per additional child
  • MERCY- $60 per family $60 per family, $20 per additional child
  • WITNESS- $60 per family, $20 per additional child

If you prefer paying online/via credit card, please go to our secure GiveCentral payment portal.  Otherwise, kindly mail a check to the parish office indicating what it’s for (K-8 FF) and the family name you used to register.  Please do not allow finances to prevent your participation! Go ahead and register then simply send Sarah Jarzembowski an email at stating that you’re requesting a scholarship this year.  No other details needed.

If you’re not comfortable with paying on-line, you’re welcome to mail a check into the parish office.  Please note the child(ren’s) name(s) and the program name(s) on the check so we apply it correctly.