While the Archbishop is responsible for the overall operations of the Archdiocese, the Parish Corporation is the legal vehicle for managing the affairs of the parish and establishing specific legal accountability for those affairs. There is a separate corporation for every parish in the Archdiocese. The Parish Corporators are the Board of Directors of each parish corporation. They are responsible for assuring that matters such as safety, condition of the physical plant, hiring of personnel, finances, security of parish assets, operations in accordance with Archdiocesan policies, and compliance with State and federal laws are being dealt with in a reasonable and prudent manner. Corporators need not do these things themselves, but must assure that they are being done.

Bylaws specify that "two laypersons appointed by the Archbishop" serve as members of the Board of Corporators. Parish Corporators are nominated by the pastor and serve for a period of five years.

Seton Parish Corporators are:

  • Pat Eller
  • John Maloney